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Lunarpages is one of the most versatile and featured web hosters on our review list. They offer wealth of options for both personal and business/ecommerce websites. Multimedia, blogs, unlimited emails, forums and support for additional services like chat are on top of list. Lunarpages is one of those web hosters where you can get a lot of everything for quite a cheap prices. That does not necessarily means the quality of service has to be sacrificed. Infact, we are impressed of how Lunarpages keep up with good service in a very competitive markes as webhosting is.


You can choose from variety of plans, all of them have one common denominator: A lot of hard disk space and a lot of bandwidth. The cheapest basic plan comes with 250 gig of storage and 2500 gig data transfer. All options that you could see on shared hosting are included. Lunarpages offers a CP Panel hosting management, which become a standard in webhosting. A 10 add on domains are included with basic and business shared hosting. Add on domains are tied up with subdomains internally, but they act as real domains, that means you can have up to 10 different websites on their own domains on a affordable $6.95 a month plan. You will get one domain for free a well. Lunarpages claims 99.9% uptime, power generator and tape backups. Web hosting providers sometimes like to exaggerate their uptime, especially on cheaper, sharing plans. After using their services for couple of months we actually believe that could be truth, or very close to it. Lunarpages also shines when it comes to VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated and Reseller hosting. Their dedicated hosting offers one of the best values for the money we have seen. For $99 a month you got root access, nameserver, dedicated IP.. the list is really long, check out their hosting plans to compare all offers.


Lunarpages offers several ways to contact them: email, live chat, telephone, support ticket. On top of that there is a vibrant forum with helpfull users. The response time is not always instant, sometimes it could take few hours to hear a word back. But in all honesty, we weren't expecting split second replies or anything like that. Lunarpages supprt crew is helpfull and quite knowledgeble which is something that can not be said for many other hosting providers.

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Blue Host

Bluehost is similar to Lunarpages in terms of storage space, bandwidth and prices. It is one of younger web hosting providers and that is usually a good thing: They fight for customers and always offer a bit more than competition in a fair attempt to take over the customers. Like with Lunarpages there is a wealth of options for affordable prices. At a time of writing this review they didn't offer a money back quarantee, check their website to see if they changed this policy meanwhile. But the fact that they were revarded as best new hosting company should give a lot of assurance by itself.


One thing: Blue Host does not have manu plans to choose from. But if 6.95 reliable hosting with plenty of space an bandwidth is what you aim for, than you can safely go with them. CP panel, video streaming support, 6 add on domains and all bells and whistles of fantastico, CMS-s, blogs plus E-Commerce features that are not really usuall on cheaper shared pland are more than enough to recommend considering them for your choosen hosting provider.


What we said about Lunarpages can be said here as well. Not super responsive but it's hard to expect that on a $6.95 monthly plan. They have good help system and offer support tickets as well as email and telephone support.

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If you have small personal website and want to host it as cheapest as possible while still having many advanced options and reliability factor you can not go wrong with Netfirms. Their 4.95 a month hosting plan is just that: cheap and good.


We mentioned small and personal web sites because Netfirms does not offer a huge amount of bandwidth like others on their $4.95 plan. You will get 6 gig of disk space and 300 gig monthly bandwidth allowance. In reality, that is enough for much more than "small and personal" website, and we couldn't find a better offer for a begginers in a web hosting world. Keep in mind that it is easy to find even cheaper hosting offers on internet - but what the offer includes, and more important how all that works is quite a different story. With Netfirms you got all basic options in a very nice Control Panel, 10 email accounts, PHP, Perl, streaming and even a free startup CD as a gift to all customers.


The customer service is suprisingly good. Telephone support is not toll-free. You can use priority emailing for urgent cases - they will respond pretty quickly regardless of date and time.

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Gate.com is quite big and reputable web hosting company with great selection of unix and windows plans. Especially great are their dedicated server offers. They start for as low as $39 a month and finish with incredibly powerfull dual xeon server with 4 gig of ram and 5 scsi disks in raid 0. Gate.com is not the cheapest host around but is very reliable. If you have high traffic or computationaly demanding websites that need dedicated servers you definitely can not go wrong with Gate.com.


Control Panel is Ensim and dedicated server hosting plans are configurable - you add what you need (and pay for it). Data security is very high, for aditionall fee you got very safe and reliable backup system with web based control console and sheduling system. Some of options that comes by default with other web hosts you have to pay for with gate.com but on the other hand there are very few webhosts around that can match what gate.com offers.


The Gate.com support is excellent. Online support chat is not just a marketing trick like with so many other web hosts but the support team is really available almose 24/7. All other support options are available. The team is highly knowledgeable are helpful.

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Hostgator is one of our favourites in this review. It is very big and well known web hosting provider that offers a great $9.95 plan on which you can host unlimited domains. Unless your websites are really high traffic this offer really stands out and can't be beat. Yes there are some hosts that offers you double the space and bandwith for the same price but none offers you the reliability the Hostgator have nor the support that could match the Hostgator's.


Control Panel is well knows CP Panel wich is easy to use and powerfull. Adding new domains and managing them is a breeze. The default web statistic is impressive: Hostgator is the only web hoster in this review that gives you both webalizer and awstats plus latest visitors as a default through CP. Fantastiko and ecommerce features are default. We noticed that Hostgator offerings are very balanced: Powerfull enough to suit more demanding clients and simple to use enough (like site builder and fantastico) to suit beginner. Really good.


Amongst the web hosts that offers $6.95-$9.90 shared plans Hostgator probably has the best support. They are over-suspicious when you are registering your account (easy rejection of CC and additional checks) but when it comes to technicall support and response time Hostgator is very good.

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iPower is fast growing web hosting company that is fighting hard for every and each new customer. If you have read the reviews above the best way to describe iPower would be to take bit of everything others are offering and combine it into great packages. At this point iPower is as good if not better as the best hosting companies in the world, the only thing against beeing their name is not as famous as some other names from this list. If you dont mind that, by all means consider iPower as your favourite hosting company.

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Lunarpages solutions are at the forefront of industry standards, and are powered by Dell PowerEdge servers. Our most popular Basic Web Hosting package is an incredible value at only $6.95/mo.

IX Web Hosting

Whether you are new to hosting and have minimal needs or a corporation looking to minimize overhead - or anywhere in between, IX Web Hosting has the right hosting package for you!.


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